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Telegram remains superior at this

Nonsense. Telegram is a completely different kind of application. A kind of Slack for example. Telegram is similar to whatsapp, but it is not comparable at all.

Whatsapp works in this cumbersome way because your conversation history, photos, files, etcetera are stored on your device and that of your conversation partner only not on a server. This means that Whatsapp cannot read along with your conversations. Conversations at Whatsapp are by default well encrypted end to end. Whatsapp can therefore never store information on their server about the content of conversations. Not even the attachments (files/photos). Since iOS and Android make it more difficult to access data because of security, especially iOS is a tricky one, migrating data that is only in the encrypted and secure part of the application storage is difficult to migrate. That means that if someone gets their hands on your phone number, they can never get to your Whatsapp call data. Your conversation history, photos, etc. is safe.

Telegram conversations are not end-to-end encrypted. Only your connection to the Telegram server is encrypted. This means that you can indeed retrieve your data from the telegram server from all locations. But that also means that all your data (including attachments) is on telegram servers. I find that a bit risky myself, so the convenience of telegram also has a price. If someone comes into your telegram account, they will also have access to your conversation history, etc. Maybe not useful. There is no end to end encryption with Telegram. The server does the decryption/encryption. Telegram itself therefore holds the encryption keys and can monitor your conversations if they wish. You can optionally turn on end to end encryption for a chat, but tadaa, those conversations are just as limited as whatsapp. According to the privacy policy, Telegram also stores metadata of your conversations for 12 months. In addition to your IP addresses and so on. So it is not particularly favorable in that respect either.

So, enjoy using Telegram. Put all your data on a ‘Russian’ server without any transparency. With only some vague promises from the owner. The fact that they now operate from Dubai does not make things any better, in terms of legislation and such.

But the perpetual whining about Telegram doing anything better is just plain nonsense in and of itself. Telegram doesn’t do something better, it does something different. You sacrifice the necessary privacy and security for a little extra functionality. That’s a choice.

Do you want to compare Whatsapp properly? Then take Signal. It practically does the same. Just for fun, see if you can transfer your data from Signal iOS to Signal Android at Signal.

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