WhatsApp develops new features to transfer Android data to iPhone more easily

Replacing a new mobile phone is quite annoying for some users, especially the cross-platform data conversion. WhatsApp is the instant messaging platform we often use, but today, if Android users want to switch to iPhone, there is still no simple and direct way The method to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS.

However, the situation is expected to improve. The website WABetaInfo recently discovered that WhatsApp is developing an Android-to-iOS communication transfer tool that allows Android phone users to transfer communication records to iPhone. There are third formula or unofficial methods in the market, but they are not as good as the official WhatsApp ones.

It is not known when WhatsApp will officially launch this tool. It is expected that they will provide it through beta testing first, and then consider launching it after collecting user feedback and improvements.

Source: xda-developers