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WhatsApp: Error allows to pass new privacy controls on iPhones | Technology and science

A security error of Whatsapp is allowing users to bypass the new privacy controls introduced in the iPhones. The pronouncement of the company comes after users in social networks will report the problem of app.

Whatsapp now allows users of iPhone use the "Touch ID" or "Face ID" (fingerprint or facial recognition) to open the application, but users discovered that they can bypass these login methods by using the "share" option to send files through the application .

As detailed by Reuters, in the configuration of the new privacy control users can activate an automatic verification that would require to provide the "Touch ID" or "Face ID" each time they open Whatsapp, or, if you prefer, at intervals of up to one hour or other times.

The security system fails when users select any interval option other than "immediately."

A user of the social network Reddit, who consigned his alias as "u / de_X_ter", wrote on Tuesday a publication that details the problem.

"We are aware of the problem and a solution will be available shortly." Meanwhile, we recommend that people set the screen lock option to "immediately," was the response of a spokesperson. Whatsapp to Reuters by email.

Last month, a user also discovered a privacy flaw with Apple's FaceTime group video chat software, which allowed iPhone users to see and hear others before accepting a video call. Apple released an iOS update to solve the problem.

The disclosure of this new error occurs in the middle of a race between Whatsapp and other similar applications that compete to improve the security and privacy of their programs.



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