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One of the functions of WhatsApp is to block a contact, however, many users do not know how to recognize if someone has blocked them in the app.

There are different signs to take into account to correctly conclude if someone blocked you or if it is a completely different situation, indicates La República. Here are some:

  • Last connection time

If you go into his chat and can’t see the last time he was connected to the app, or can no longer see if he’s online at the same time as you, you may have been blocked.

However, according to the official WhatsApp page, this can also be due to a custom configuration of the app. That is, it is possible to make changes in the app so that these details are not public.

  • Updates to your profile picture

If this contact seems to no longer have a profile picture, plus you can’t see their last connection time, the chances that they have blocked you increase. You must pay attention to the changes in the photos of this user, if at any time, his profile photo changes, then it was a false alarm.

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  • Only a check appears in the messages

When you send a message and it stays in received mode for a long time, it could mean that your contact has blocked you. If the chat of that contact also has the signals listed above, it is almost certain that they have blocked you.

  • You cannot call your contact through WhatsApp

If you try to call that contact through the WhatsApp voice or video call service and the call does not go through, it is an almost official confirmation that you have been blocked.

With information from the Republic.

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