The new Whatsapp version offers more convenience in voice messages. Users no longer need to start the audios individually. Soon there will be further optimization.

Voice messages in Whatsapp are becoming a bit more convenient for iOS users. With the version 2.18.100 available in iTunes, the small – or larger – audios no longer need to be tapped individually for playback.

The voice messages within a chat are now played one after the other. As the site "" reported, a small sound is played at the end of each message, followed by the next audio.

The context menu was also revised in the new version. If you press longer on a message, it can now be answered faster, forwarded or copied. In addition, Whatsapp was optimized for the iPhone XS Max.

As reported by "", Whatsapp is also preparing to introduce a dark mode. The background is dark with dark gray bubbles and white to light gray font. Similar modes already exist for other apps, such as Twitter.


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