WhatsApp: For this reason you are still online even if you have already logged out

Surely sometimes we have received messages from WhatsApp Even if we are not using our device or sometimes we can see how contacts appear online but in real life they do not have contact with their device, all this has a reason.

Currently more than two billion people use the application of whatsapp messaging to start conversations or also family or work groups, so almost all people already have and use this application, so surely someone has told you that you are online or you have seen contacts that are online even if they are not having interaction with your device, this cannot be controlled by the user, this is completely dependent on the app and its connection to the servers.

The platform must process all the messages it sends and receives, this includes the groups, that is why many times we are no longer interacting with the device but we are still onlinesimultaneously the app is saving all the data in the backup, according to information known from people who have studied the application, once we send a message, the legend “online” lasts until approximately 20 seconds later, so even if we leave our device, this is the time it takes approximately to send the messages to the contacts and above all to process it.

How to “fix” this bug in WhatsApp?

In order to solve this problem, all you have to do is go directly to the applications, we look for WhatsApp and followed by this we click on stop or force close, since we did this, the application will close completely and will stop showing the legend “online” only that we always have to perform these steps so that it stops showing us this in the upper part.

There are other devices that could process this type of data faster and immediately disappear this legend, it also depends a lot on the status of the platform’s servers, how long it will take to send the data and receive it so that the legend can disappear.


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