WhatsApp: how to react, delete and see who reacted with emojis

Reactions with emojis are now available on WhatsApp (Photo: File)

Some days ago WhatsApp launched the expected reactions with emojis. It was the last social network of Meta in having this option, since users could already react to Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages. For those who have not yet realized that you can already react with emojis, do not know how to use them or how to see who reacted to your messages, here is a guide on emoji reactions.

reactions with emojis they appear differently in the app and on the web version. In the case of mobile devices, you only have to verify that you have the latest update installed before starting to use the function.

Once it has been verified that the device has the latest version of WhatsApp installed, all you have to do is open any chat. Once inside, pressing a message for a few seconds, similar to the action used to forward the message. When doing so, the text will appear highlighted in green and the available options will be on the back. Finally, one must be selected to send it.

Emoji options available (Photo: Twitter)
Emoji options available (Photo: Twitter)

In this case, the way to react is easier, since the web version is updated automatically. You just have to select a chat and hover next to a messagewhen doing that action the happy emoji icon will appear: this must be clicked for the six reactions to appear.

In a one-on-one chat there is no problem knowing who reacted to the message, however, this gets complicated in the group chat where there can be up to 256 participants.

Unlike the chats of Instagram and Facebook that send a notification when someone reacts to one of our messages, WhatsApp does not notify anything. In this way it is complicated to be able to know who put the face of anger, laughter or a heart to what has just been said.

Delete reactions with emojis (Photo: Screenshot)
Delete reactions with emojis (Photo: Screenshot)

From the web and from the app it must be done Click on the emoji that appears next to the message. Doing so will display the contacts that reacted.

Similarly, it is only necessary select the emoji that appears next to the message to display the “Delete emoji” option: this applies for web and mobile app. There is no time limit to delete them like with text messages.

Last month the messaging platform announced the Communities feature. “Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to bring together different groups while maintaining a structure according to the needs of each case.”

WhatsApp reference image (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)
WhatsApp reference image (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)

Users can get updates sent to the entire Community and organize smaller discussion groups to talk about what’s relevant to a group of people. This modality will provide administrators with tools to send messages announcements to members of all groups or assign the group to which the information will be shared.

“We believe that the Communities option will make it easier for a school principal to share the most important updates with all parents, and create separate groups for specific classes, extracurricular activities or volunteer needs”, WhatsApp asserted.


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