WhatsApp launches new single display feature



04/08/202109:00 p.m.Author: Editorial staffSource: Agencies

WhatsApp launches new single display feature

As in Snapchat, the Facebook Inc. application will have the unique display function that will allow photos and videos to disappear after being viewed.

Users of WhatsApp Facebook Inc’s will be able to send disappearing photos and videos through their platform starting this week, as part of the company’s efforts to compete with Snap Inc.’s Snapchat messaging app.

The function, called Single View, will allow photos and videos to disappear from the chat after they have been viewed, Facebook reported in a blog post on Tuesday, adding that once the content has been viewed, the message will show as “open.”

The photo or video you send will disappear when you press the icon of a circle with a (1) inside it. The recipient will only be able to open the image or video once and in full screen, with no built-in options to forward it to anyone else or use it in other applications.

The idea of ​​this option is that users can send photos and videos with confidential or sensitive information more securely.

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