WhatsApp presents its new function: the Communities | Innovation

Social networks they are constantly changing: updates, new features. This, with the aim of giving its users better options and hooking them to their platforms.

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WhatsApp, the messaging service of Meta (Facebook) and one of the most used in the world, presents a new function.

Is about whatsapp communities, to make it much easier to organize all your group chats and find information”.


As explained Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, “We are going to start rolling this out slowly, but I hope it will be a major evolution for WhatsApp and for online communication in general.”.

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I think community messaging will take the basic protocols behind one-to-one messaging and extend it so that you can more easily communicate with groups of people to get things done together.“, Held.

As Zuckerberg explained, Communities began testing on Thursday, April 14, and It will be implemented in the coming months.

The goal of Communities is to allow people to bring separate groups together under one umbrella with a structure that works for them.

In this way, Meta explained, people will be able to rreceive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organize smaller discussion groups to talk about what is specifically relevant to that group of people.

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The Communities feature will also feature powerful new tools for admins, such as sending announcement messages to members of all groups or assigning which group information will be shared to.”, was added.

To understand it better: “Communities will make it easier for the principal of a school, as he will be able to share the most important updates with all the parents of
family, and create separate groups for specific classes, extracurricular activities or
volunteer needs

Meta asserted that Communities are inherently private, “so we will continue to protect messages with end-to-end encryption”.

that technology of Privacy, The company added, it is more important than ever to protect people’s privacy and security.

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It was also learned that they are carrying out a series of improvements in the functioning of the groups, whether they are part of a Community or not: “This will help people connect in new ways and reduce message overload in larger chats”.