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Whatsapp: So you can talk to a contact without seeing your profile picture – Ten

One of the most common headaches when using the Whatsapp are the unwanted contacts. And for this, the messaging service is ready, because it offers you two ways to hide your profile picture when holding this type of chat.

The first of the options is generalized. That is, without customizing a block, but to all those who do not belong to your contact list. What you have to do is press 'Settings' and then 'Privacy', then go to 'Profile picture' and order it to only be viewed byr "My contacts". This way you will get rid of any unknown number that opens a conversation with you.

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There is another "trick" and it is more technical, but also more personalized, since it will allow you to keep a specific contact on the margin. By entering Whatsapp Web, you must be in the option of 'Click to chat', that is under the URL https: //wa.me.numerodetelefono ', which allows you to modify any chat with the phone number without registering it.

After locating yourself in the URL, you only have to replace "numerdetefono" with the code of your country, followed by the digits. And that's it … so you'll be able to establish a conversation with a contact without displaying your photo of profile.



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