WhatsApp tests new messaging feature in beta version

The messenger service WhatsApp is working on a new function to offer its users even more options for quick and uncomplicated communication. After introducing voice messaging, the company is now planning to integrate video messaging into the app. WhatsApp insiders from “WABetaInfo” have discovered the new feature in the current beta version on the iPhone.

Shipping faster

The video messaging feature allows users to quickly record and send short videos up to 60 seconds long. The previous detour of opening the camera app and switching to video recording is no longer necessary. Instead, the user can simply press and hold the camera button next to the microphone button in the text bar.

It is still unclear whether the video recording accesses the back or the selfie camera and whether it is possible to switch quickly between the cameras. Similar to voice messages, features such as cancel, snap, and pause might also be available for video messages.

The new feature gives users another way to communicate with others quickly and easily. Short videos are particularly good for conveying impressions and emotions visually. They can also be used to quickly show something, such as the new cat from the animal shelter or the view from the holiday hotel. Small videos with the necessary steps are also certainly helpful for tech support.

As with all messages on WhatsApp, video messages are end-to-end encrypted and can therefore only be viewed by the sender and recipient. According to WABetaInfo, it should not be possible to save or forward the videos. The new feature is currently still in development and is available in beta on iPhone for testers only. It is still unclear when it will be rolled out for all users.

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