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WhatsApp is easy to use, but it can have disadvantages. One should rather do without a simple function of the messenger.

Munich – Because WhatsApp lets you send photos and videos through your smartphone without having to pay for each file individually, the messenger service is extremely convenient. Unfortunately, the quality of the sent objects still leaves something to be desired. Photos sent via WhatsApp are compressed to relatively poor quality.

WhatsApp: It's better not to take photos with the built-in camera

Although reminiscent photos from the last vacation on the phone even in low resolution still quite passable, but you notice at the latest in full view on the desktop that the image quality when sending over WhatsApp suffers. And it gets even worse, because in a few years, the resolutions of smartphones and monitors will be even higher and thus the picture quality of WhatsApp images even worse, prophesied chip.de,

The fact that photos are greatly reduced in WhatsApp, but also has reasons: The files sent should be transferred quickly and take up as little space as possible. Users who care about high-resolution photos are unlucky.

WhatsApp: With this tip you operate damage control

If you want to mitigate damage, but should at least note the following tip: always take photos with the normal phone camera and then select WhatsApp in the gallery to send them. Because with the built-in messenger camera can also be made photos, but the WhatsApp camera can not access all the features that are available to the manufacturer's camera. Google does not allow "foreign" apps to take full advantage of the mobile phone camera. Therefore, for example, the brightness can not be manually adjusted when the focus is on a dark object.

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