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WhatsApp: This feature makes group calls even better

by archyw

WhatsApp continues to expand its features and has now improved group calling. It is now possible to join video calls afterwards or to leave them in the meantime.

  • WhatsApp will allow you to join group calls retrospectively in the future
  • Feature will be distributed immediately
  • End-to-end encryption is still guaranteed

When we talk about WhatsApp lately, it often has to do with (legitimate) criticism of Messenger. But even if there are so many reasons against WhatsApp, the app from Facebook remains extremely popular and is constantly being enhanced in terms of functionality.

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More spontaneity in group calls

Now Facebook is adding a new function that makes a very useful addition to group calls: Specifically, we are given the opportunity to only join such (video) calls afterwards. You can also get out of the conversation earlier, or run away in between and get back in later.

That takes a little pressure off the kettle when you can’t get into such a group call or have missed it. Often enough you want to take part in such a chat, but you are prevented from starting because you are still in another conversation, for example. With the change there is now the possibility for invited persons to join later at any time, as long as the call is still running.

It does not matter whether you have already tapped “Ignore”, because in the “Calls” tab you will find information about the respective call and you can use it again at any time. The feature will be distributed immediately, but it may take a while before everyone can actually use it on their own smartphone. So don’t get impatient if you don’t see it with you yet.

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WhatsApp emphasizes security

Also new is an info screen that shows you which people are taking part in the group discussion and also who has been invited and is not yet part of the group. Apparently, it was particularly important to Facebook in its announcement to emphasize the aspect of security again. In the posting it says:

As the popularity of group calls continues to grow, we’ve worked to improve the experience for people on WhatsApp – while still maintaining the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption, of course.

Unfortunately, Facebook / WhatsApp does not change the limit of participants, so up to eight people can take part in such a group call. Nevertheless, it can be clearly seen that WhatsApp is trying to functionally undermine its own platform and make it more interesting. Support for up to four additional companion devices was recently announced and we will be able to configure the compression of photos to be sent in the future.

So there is a lot going on at WhatsApp and we can already be excited to see what the Facebook group will come up with next: New excitement or new feature? What is your opinion on that? Are you happy about the opportunity to join group calls later, or does that affect you less? Write us in the comments!


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