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WhatsApp update: Group chats are finally becoming less annoying!

WhatsApp group chat gets an update
WhatsApp group chat gets an update / photo: Wirul Kengthankan

Group chats can be really stressful, because anyone can invite you into any groups that are wildly pampered without asking. And even if you leave the group, someone can quickly add you back. That should change now. In the future, you can set who is allowed to invite you into group chats and who is not.

This is how group chats on WhatsApp will work soon!

So there should be three options, who may invite you in group chats! "Everyone", "My Contacts" and "Nobody"! If you choose Everyone, everyone can invite you to join WhatsApp as a group chat. With "my contacts" only your friends can do that! If someone else does, you can first choose to join the group or not. Everyone can send you an invitation, but you always have to accept or reject them before something happens. All invitations expire after 72 hours! When the innovation at WhatsApp occurs, is not yet known. Already read? Suicide Challenge on WhatsApp: 14-year-old dies because of Momo!


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