WhatsApp: Update now quickly – there is a major security risk lurking

who at WhatsApp who exchanges messages with his loved ones every day relies on privacy in addition to pure functionality. To ensure security, there are encryption methods and other precautions. But the news service itself is currently drawing attention to two problems that require immediate action on your part. We’ll tell you what to do.

WhatsApp: Check your version now

The company responsible for this, Meta (formerly Facebook), reported two security gaps on WhatsApp’s official website. With the first, cybercriminals can hack into the victim’s smartphone during an initiated video call and execute malicious code there. Spyware or malware could end up on the cell phone in this way.

All WhatsApp versions before are affected:

  • for Android
  • Business for Android
  • for iOS
  • Business for iOS

Second vulnerability: Beware of video files

There is also another security hole that needs to be fixed with an update. Malicious software can find its way onto the cell phone by opening a video file. Affected are:

  • all whatsapp versions for android before
  • the WhatsApp version for iOS

Of course, the latest and thus cleaned versions should be available in the app stores. So make sure you install the update quickly. In a pinch, you’ll have to uninstall and re-download WhatsApp first. And while you’re at it, you can check out seven secret WhatsApp tricks that hardly anyone knows.

Those: WhatsApp

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