WhatsApp users can now decide for themselves who can see their profile picture | NOW

Chat service WhatsApp gives users more control over their privacy settings. For example, they can now set which specific contacts are allowed to see the profile picture, but also for whom the ‘Info’ text and ‘Last seen’ status is visible.

More information about privacy settings can be found on the WhatsApp website. These can be found by going to the ‘Settings’ tab on WhatsApp and then choosing ‘Account’ and ‘Privacy’. Previously there were no specific persons to note, now that option has been added.

The new option is called ‘My contacts, except…’. This allows users to set exceptions. For example, they can determine that all contacts are allowed to see the WhatsApp profile picture, except for, for example, vague acquaintances or business contacts.

WhatsApp also announced an update for group phone calls. Participants can mute specific people or send a private message directly from the conversation.

If someone joins the audio call while it is already in progress, WhatsApp will announce this with a notification from now on. This way everyone in the conversation is informed and other users can’t quietly step in.

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