WhatsApp warns of two security vulnerabilities

WhatsApp warns of two vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to execute code remotely. The vulnerabilities have been addressed in recent versions of the app for iOS and Android, starting with version number

According to WhatsApp, the first security vulnerability can occur during video calling. The second vulnerability occurs when opening a specially modified video file.

WhatsApp does not provide further details about both leaks, which were discovered by its own employees. According to a spokesperson, there are “no indications” that the vulnerabilities have already been actively exploited.

Check which version you have

Users can check which version of WhatsApp they have by going to Settings and then Help. At the top of that screen is the version number.


In 2019, at least 1,400 WhatsApp users, including “senior officials around the world,” were hacked with the Pegasus spyware through a vulnerability in the chat app. WhatsApp subsequently sued Pegasus maker NSO Group.