WhatsApp: what does the emoji of the face sticking out the tongue and winking mean

Written in TECHNOLOGY he 25/3/2023 · 07:15 hs

Since 2011, WhatsApp it became one of the most used mobile phone applications by the citizens of Mexico and Latin America. In the last decade, it has become a tool for daily use that enables its users to be in communication at any time and place, just with an Internet connection.

Since Meta bought WhatsApp, the instant messaging application is not only for use in the social or family environment, but -due to the pandemic- it also began to be widely used in the work environment due to the new functions that the company added.

Emojis are part of the new way of communicating. Source: File.

One that is not new, but that has recently started to be used in the workspace is the sending of emojis. However, one of the main problems with these images is that some people give it one meaning and others give it another, which can lead to misunderstanding.

If it is an informal conversation, there is no problem because it is something that usually happens in colloquial language. However, if you are using WhatsApp and an emoji with a personal meaning is sent there may be some kind of problem that is always better to avoid.

This emoji is available for iOS and Android. Source: File.

He emoji of the face sticking out the tongue and winking is one of those that can generate the most controversy. This is a completely yellow, tongue-sticking, winking face, usually showing the right eye closed and the left eye wide open.

According to experts from WhatsApp, this smiley conveys a sense of “fun, excitement, madness, slapstick, or pranks.” In addition, it can be used as a “celebration” face among friends, family and loved ones in general. This emoji was approved by Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and was added to Emoji 1.0 five years later.