Whatsapp: you can now react to messages with smileys (like in messenger)

WhatsApp now deploys the possibility of reacting to a message with emoji!

As we can already do on Messenger, Whatsapp now allows – after updating the app – to react to messages received (or sent) with emojis. When Meta was announced in March, it was clarified that you could only use a few to start with, but support for “all emojis and skin tones” will be added in the future.

Reactions are a useful feature, which is why other apps like Slack and Telegram have had them for a while. An option that can relieve conversations, group or not, without cluttering the chat thread with emoticons.

Meta spokesperson Vispi Bhopti told The Verge that the company expects reactions to be rolling out to everyone in “about a week”, but added that some users already have the feature. .