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Wheel Cleaner – Beware of soap and aggressive acids

Originally come alloy wheels from racing. Meanwhile, they have conquered the streets. The proper cleaning of dirty rims is unfortunately not easy. Salt, road dirt and brake dust make car rims really hard. A visit to the car wash is often not enough despite special rim cleaning. If you want to rework manually here, even if you work with suitable cleaners, you have to expect soiling on your hands and clothes. In a suit you are so out of place, old clothes or work clothes are urgently recommended.

Clean, do not peel!

First, a thorough pre-cleaning with a pressure washer is recommended. You have to be careful. First, the actual tire and the transition to the rim for the hard jet must remain taboo. Under no circumstances should the interior of the brake and the connections for the brake hoses be maltreated. What many do not know: Aluminum rims are painted! So you do not see the actual material, but a layer of varnish. If the rim already has minor damage in the paint, you should do without the high-pressure cleaner. A research procedure can quickly lead to large-area "blasting" of the paint. After that, the rim looks like a peeled egg. A damage that is beyond repair.

After the jet a special wheel cleaner should be applied. If you prefer to buy a slightly more expensive branded product, then you can be sure that the cleaner has no life-threatening side effects. Some rim cleaners contain surfactants. If these lubricants between brake disc and brake pad, the braking power can be reduced by up to 25 percent. Further danger is caused by overly aggressive cleaners. They contain corrosive components such as hydrofluoric acid, which attack the metallic parts of the brake system and the brake discs.

Wheel cleaners are either sprayed on or applied with a sponge. After a short time, they can be wiped away. For a roll household towels is ideal. Nice side effect of the "SONAX Xtreme rim cleaner full effect": after the action time, the active foam turns red. Effortless cleaning the rims is not yet. The best order: Pre-clean the car wash with a steam jet without directing the jet at the tires and then spray it with a wheel cleaner. Then clean by hand, for example, with a brush, rinse with the steam jet and finally let the wheels dry.

The more filigree, the more laborious

Particularly noble rims are not flat slices, but elaborate constructions with correspondingly hard to reach places. Even filigree screwed rims are constructed. They should be cleaned regularly to avoid overly stubborn dirt. For a comprehensive total cleaning the tire change in winter or spring is recommended. Then even hard to reach places are easier to clean. Who wants to polish each screw individually on their knees?

Oh yes, if you have shaved your rim on the curb, the cleaning does not help. Unfortunately, material damage is not – yet – washed off.


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