When an elected representative from Grenoble predicts the disappearance of swimming pools for ecological and health reasons

Swimming pools led to disappear ” medium term “, Because they represent” economic, ecological and health aberrations “. This is what the elected representative of Grenoble Anne-Sophie Olmos would have declared during the Cornélie-Gémond kindergarten school council on Monday, November 8, 2021. This is reported in the report of the meeting, written by the parents school representatives for parents, the teaching team and the municipality.

Anne-Sophie Olmos, elected from the City of Grenoble.  © Corentin Bemol - Place Gre'net

Anne-Sophie Olmos, elected from the City of Grenoble. © Corentin Bemol – Place Gre’net

The sentence has something to surprise while, at the same time, the sports assistant of Grenoble Céline Mennetrier praised on Friday, November 19 the investments made in favor of swimming pools. In details ? For the Dolphins: 25,000 euros for the repair of the fence on the lawn side and 28,000 euros for the replacement of the anti-noise plates. For Jean-Bron: 28,000 euros for the installation of shade sails.

The bill is even higher for Clos d’or: 540,000 euros for the replacement of the air handling unit and the ” complete recovery of the lighting of the pool and beaches with LEDs “. Finally, work worth 350,000 euros is planned for 2022 for the installation of a ticketing system on Les Dauphins, Bulles d’O and Jean-Bron. So much money invested in condemned swimming pools ” medium term » ?


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