When and where to see date 5 of the UEFA Champions League? – The financial

What a day that will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday within the UEFA Champions League, which will have interesting duels where some results will begin to give several tickets to enter the next phase of the European championship.

From 11 in the morning until 2:00 p.m. the ball will roll in the old continent and the games can be observed through the platforms of streaming from HBO Max and TNT Sports, without neglecting the minute-by-minute monitoring of the official social networks of each of the teams.

Chelsea vs. Juventus

There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated meetings of this week of the Champions League is the one that the english (9 points) versus italians (12 units) in the stadium Stamford Bridge, where the first place of the Sector H It could be at stake, since if the local team is left with the victory by more than three goals it would position itself at the top.

Barcelona vs. Benfica

Xavi Henandez will debut in the most important club tournament, when the set of Barcelona (6 points) do the honors to Benfica (4 units) inside of the Group E, same that leads the picture of Bayer Munich with 12 units.

So much blaugranas like the portuguese eagles They are obliged to win in this match, since being second and third, respectively, the chances of the loser being eliminated are great, since there would only be one game left to play.

Villarreal vs. Manchester United

Without a doubt, missing the spectacle of Cristiano Ronaldo with all the Red Devils cannot be the option of a true lover of international football, since when measured at yellow Submarine it is a great challenge for the British.

With seven units in both squads, if there is a winner, one of the first guests could be revealed to the next phase of the contest, since both the Manchester United As the Villarreal they are at the tip of the Sector F.