When Azis Syamsuddin ‘shows off’ in the trial regarding the appointment of KPK leaders


Former Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin, was presented at the trial of former KPK investigator AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju alias Robin and Maskur Husain. In the courtroom, Azis answered questions from the prosecutor, the defendant’s lawyer, and the panel of judges.

“The witness said that if there is a case related to the name of the witness being carried away, the witness can directly ask the KPK commissioner, what is the role of the witness regarding the appointment of the KPK commissioner at this time?” asked one of Robin’s lawyers to Azis at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Central Jakarta, Monday (25/10/2021).

Azis revealed that he was the one who appointed the commissioners of the KPK for the period of the KPK chairman, Firli Bahuri.

“Which is the commissioner now? Oh my who lift up, sir, I’m the one who fit and proper and I who lift up, “replied Azis.

Azis also suddenly clarified the issues that were developing. Azis did not explain the issue in question, but he denied the issue.

“That there are issues behind it, on this occasion I convey for the sake of Allah, for the sake of the Messenger of Allah, I do not do things outside the norms,” ​​said Azis.

“There are issues that are developing, there are none. I dare on behalf of my late father, on behalf of my late mother, for the benefit of my descendants and family. I conveyed that in this noble trial, I have never done that,” added Azis.

He then continued his role in the process of appointing the leadership of the KPK, at which time he served as Chairman of Commission III of the DPR, which is indeed partnering with government institutions related to the fields of politics, law, security, one of which is the KPK.

In the trial, Azis also called himself too good a person. According to Azis, because he was too kind, he was unlucky.

Azis said this when a member judge, Jaini Bashir, questioned him about the closeness of Azis and Robin. Azis also admitted close.

“(Close) with Robin, yes, the same with Agus Supriadi,” said Azis.

“Yes, that means, it’s not very difficult for him, with a high salary he only borrows Rp. 200 million. It’s still early to use logic. When you have borrowed Rp. 200 million, how close are we to people?” asked judge Jaini.

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