When Bro Giring “Hero of Dreams” Resigns as a Presidential Candidate because of Jokowi’s Figure… Page all

JAKARTA, – The general chairman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party, Giring Ganesha, has resigned from his candidacy as a presidential candidate. The reason is because of the figure of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Giring’s announcement that he would not run in the 2024 Presidential Election contestation attracted quite a bit of attention.

This is the same as when the owner’s full name Giring Ganesha Djumaryo announced that he was ready to run as a presidential candidate, about two years ago.

Giring announced that he would run as a presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election after being appointed as the Acting Chief of PSI to replace Grace Natalie, who is currently studying for a master’s degree in Singapore.

Bro Giring’s announcement, as PSI cadres call the former Nidji Band vocalist, was widely discussed as a presidential candidate in August 2020.

Photographs of Giring’s billboard as a presidential candidate for 2024 circulated on social media. On the billboard, there is a photo of Giring wearing a completely black cap with the words “Giring for President 2024” and the PSI logo on it.

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PSI also posted a video on YouTube containing an explanation of why Bro Giring wanted to run as a presidential candidate.

In the video titled #GiringPresident 2024 Giring Ganesha, the PSI chairman initially spoke about young Indonesians who have been known to be very pessimistic about politics.

Giring then talked about his background in life, including his family, which was also affected by the 1998 monetary crisis. According to him, the crisis occurred because of an error in managing politics.

The musician, who had run as a legislative candidate in the 2019 presidential election, admitted that he understands that many young people are disappointed and do not believe in politics due to the many bad examples from the political scene.

But according to him, disappointment should not make the younger generation silent or apathetic towards politics. Giring stated that youth should take part in politics, especially in the 2024 election, where half of the voters are young people.

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At the end of the video, Giring then asked for prayers and blessings for his intention to run as a presidential candidate. He said he wanted to be a servant of the people.

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“Yes, I am indeed running to be a presidential candidate for the Republic of Indonesia in 2024,” said Giring in a virtual press conference while confirming his intention to run as a presidential candidate, Monday (24/8/2020).

The singer of the song “Hero of Dreams” also said that his nomination intention departed from PSI’s desire to fill the 2024 political space with young people.

He said it was young people who understood the global challenges, the challenges of every Indonesian family, the challenges of every existing community, and the challenges of each region.

“Therefore, what if the lead is not a young person, who understands more about the needs of the young people themselves,” said Giring.

Bro Giring also revealed that PSI’s plan to run for president in the 2024 presidential election had been conveyed to President Jokowi. PSI is one of Jokowi’s supporting parties in the 2019 presidential election.

“We also tell us how we deal with this presidential election, Alhamdulillah, Pak Jokowi welcomes it very well,” he said.

Giring emphasized that his nomination plan was in no hurry even though the presidential election was only four years away from the announcement that he was ready to run as a presidential candidate.

PSI is said to have conducted informal political communication with other parties regarding this matter.

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“The struggle starts from now to 2024, because from now until 2024 we have only one task, namely to believe in the Indonesian people that it is time for young people to become leaders. In addition, it is also our duty in the party to show performance,” said Giring.

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After stating that he wanted to run as a presidential candidate, Giring began to take practical politics seriously. Many of his statements and ideas are considered controversial.

Giring is now widely known as one of the figures who often criticize the policies of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. He has also been involved in sarcasm with Anies.

Several times he insinuated the figure who pointed at Anies Baswedan. One of them is about Giring’s satire who said he was worried that President Jokowi’s successor would be a figure who has a track record of politicizing religion.

“Our progress will be threatened if in the future the person who replaces Pak Jokowi is a person who has a track record of using SARA issues and justifies any means to win in the elections,” said Giring in front of Jokowi and his cadres at PSI’s 7th Anniversary event, December 22, 2021. .

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Declaring backwards

On Thursday (24/2/2022), Bro Giring announced that he would not be running in the 2024 presidential election contestation.

“Today with full awareness, I am Giring Ganesha announcing that I am withdrawing from my candidacy for the president of the Republic of Indonesia,” Giring said at a press conference held online.

He admitted, previously he had the courage to run as a presidential candidate. Giring said that this is PSI’s commitment as an open party which invites its cadres to come forward as national and regional leaders.

Giring also told how he traveled around Indonesia to pursue his intention to run as a presidential candidate.

“I work and travel around Indonesia to realize my wish. I meet as many people and figures as possible in various provinces and districts/cities,” he explained.

Giring also revealed his reason for resigning as a presidential candidate. The main reason is because there are voices that want Jokowi to return to office as president.

He even claimed that the people themselves still want Jokowi to become president again.

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“Many Indonesian people still want Jokowi to lead Indonesia,” said Giring.

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“This is a fact on the ground as well as the aspirations of the people who really like Jokowi, but are limited by the constitution that the president can only serve for 2 terms,” ​​he added.

Therefore, Giring is of the view that it is not yet time to run in the 2024 presidential election as a presidential candidate.

“Based on this fact, I also feel that 2024 is not yet the time for me to run as a candidate for President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024. So today, with full awareness, Giring Ganesha announces that I am withdrawing from my candidacy for president of the Republic of Indonesia,” he stressed.

Giring’s dream to become President may have to run aground for now, because of the Jokowi figure.

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Even so, just like the lyrics to the song “Laskar Pelangi” which he sang when he was with Nidji, Giring still has hope from the political world.

Because Giring stated that now he will focus more on building PSI in the future so that it can successfully enter Senayan as a party in the DPR and also so that it can enter the Palace.

He dreams of bringing many young people to sit in parliamentary and executive seats, in order to change the world for the better.

“Dreams are the key. For us to conquer the world. Run tirelessly, until you reach it …” said a fragment of the song “Laskar Pelangi” sung by Bro Giring.

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