When do I collect ANSES: to whom are IFE, AUH, pensions and benefits deposited this Friday, August 21

Meanwhile, the beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and women who perceive Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE) with a DNI ending in 8, they will receive the money today together Emergency Family Income (IFE), with your debit card.

IMPORTANT: As of August 25, the payment of IFE 3 will begin through the Uniform Banking Code (CBU) within the framework of the financial inclusion policy carried out by the organization. In this way, about 300,000 people per day will receive the income. Beneficiaries who do not have a debit card are reminded that, if applicable, they must first make a shift at the bank, in order to avoid delays in payment.

Similarly, people who receive a subsidy, under the Home Program, for the purchase of bottles for residing in homes that are not connected to the natural gas network, with a DNI ending in 8, they will receive the benefit today.

In turn, within the framework of the Argentina Plan Against Hunger of the Ministry of Social Development, the holders of the AUH with DNI ending in 8, will receive this Thursday the payment of the Feed Card.

On Monday those with a DNI ending in 9 will receive these same benefits.

IFE collection date with bank account

As of August 25, people who chose a CBU will begin to collect from the Anses website and those who collected by other banking means.

  • DNI ending in 0: 25 and 26 August
  • DNI ending in 1: 27 and 28 August
  • DNI ending in 2: August 31 and September 1
  • DNI ending in 3: September 2 and 3
  • DNI ending in 4: September 4 and 7
  • DNI ending in 5: September 8 and 9
  • DNI ending in 6: 10 and 11 September
  • DNI ending in 7: 14 and 15 September
  • DNI ending in 8: 16 and 17 September
  • DNI ending in 9:18 and 21 September


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