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The season 4 of Stranger Things It had a heart-stopping ending, with tragedies and an unfavorable outcome for Eleven and the rest of the children and adults who were the protagonists of the series. The heroes of Hawkins will have to face these consequences in the next season, but… when can we see it?

The Duffer brothers, the heads of the series, have mentioned in an interview when they will start writing the script for season 5. Yes, it is not written yet, but do not panic among the fans, since the Duffers have all the ideas and key events that will happenThey will be in the next season, which will also be the series finale. Next August they will begin to write the script for the last season of Stranger Thingsso with any luck, probably sometime in 2023 we can see it.

The creators of the series also they mentioned that the final season will have episodes that won’t be as long as season 4, in which all were over 60 minutes long, some even over 75 minutes, not to mention that season finale that lasted the excessive amount of 2 and a half hours (why didn’t they split it into several episodes?). According to the Duffers, the reason the final season shouldn’t have as long episodes, and perhaps not even be as long as season 4, is because “in season 4 we have almost 2 hours before the boys get involved. in a supernatural mystery. We get to meet them, we see them in their lives, struggling to fit in in high school and more. None of that will happen in the final season.”

Warning: if you haven’t seen season 4 of Stranger Thingsbelow you will find spoilers.

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And that’s because, of course, this time Stranger Things didn’t really close the story in its season 4. Whereas in previous seasons the story kind of closed (defeat the Demogorgon and the Shadow Monster or Mind Flayer), this time season 4 concludes with a clear “To be continued…” in that ending sequence. The world is in danger, and they will have to fight against the most fearsome enemy they have faced so far.

“For the first time, we don’t finish a story at the end of season 4, so the story will move faster in season 5. The characters will already be in action, in development, they will have a goal and I think that will allow us to subtract a couple hours [de duración] and that the season feels different.”

In Season 5, the Duffers are also hoping we get to learn more about the Upside Down. According to the Duffers, season 4 was somewhat inspired by Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backso season 5 and final “will be more like return of the jedi in its essence, you already understandThey’ll go when they can see her.” Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long. [vía Collider / Polygon]