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In the midst of controversy over the suspicion of abusing actor Cho Byeong-gyu (26, photo), the agency took the knife that it was a legal response.

On the 18th, Cho Byeong-gyu’s agency, HB Entertainment, said, “We will take legal action and respond strongly to the spreaders of additional false information.” Has officially requested a police investigation and has initiated an investigation into this case.”

This seems to be to firmly cope with the suspicion of abusing that continues to be raised while Cho Byeong-gyu is actively active.

Earlier on the 17th, netizen A, who was named Cho Byeong-gyu and an elementary school classmate, posted an article saying, “I am a victim of school violence.”

Mr. A said in his writing, “Cho Byeong-gyu was famous for the so-called Iljin during elementary and junior high school. In addition, he insisted that “Cho Byung-gyu refused to borrow a bicycle when he was in elementary school, and he shot it with a BB shot.”

However, afterwards, a netizen who revealed himself as’Cho Byeong-gyu’s elementary and middle school alumni’ appeared and posted an article refuting the suspicion of academia, saying, “It is a kid who has received a lot of attention because he has been popular since he was a child.

On the 16th, a netizen who said he had attended a school in New Zealand with Cho Byeong-gyu said that he had been verbally abused as an international student, but the agency took a strong response by suing the police for being “false.” Then, the author of the article directly contacted Cho Byeong-gyu’s agency and appealed for preemption, and the agency decided to accept it.

Meanwhile, Cho Byeong-gyu appeared in the JTBC drama’Sky Castle’ and SBS’Stove League’ and gained popularity with recognition. In the recently ended OCN’Wonderful Rumors’, he played an active role as a protagonist, breaking OCN’s previous ratings and emerging as a’popularity’. Following MBC’What do you do when you play? -He is actively engaged in activities such as appearing in the episode 2021 Living Together.

Kang So-young, online news reporter

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