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when Jean-Luc Reichmann said "I do not believe it at all"

The day after the arrest of Christian Quesada for "possession of child pornography images" and "corruption of a minor", the testimonies are linked. On April 11, Cyril Hanouna returned to the testimony of a former "12 coup de midi" who said he alerted the production on the behavior of the star candidate.

Did production know?

Jérémy Delapierre explains on Twitter that he declared that he was undoubtedly "suffering from psychiatric pathology" and that he had been asked to keep quiet. The latter then asked the question of the responsibility of TF1.

And while the TPMP team is trying to find out whether or not the production knew, Christine Kelly contacted Patrice Laffont, former animator of "Numbers and Letters" who had blacklisted Christian Quesada from his show.

Jean-Luc Reichmann did not believe it

The former CSA said: "He told me that this summer he played petanque with Jean-Luc Reichmann and Jean-Luc Reichmann spoke all the time of Quesada and he said 'yes but Quesada' He is not necessarily a very good person. "And he says" oh good but no, but why do you say that? " and Patrice Lafont told him 'we've heard that he had some guards.' And Patrice Laffont told me that he had the impression that Jean-Luc Reichmann was falling from above, that he was not aware at all, and he said 'stop talking about it because frankly I do not believe it at all'.

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