When McCartney joked that Yoko would eventually be responsible for the Beatles’ split

On Thursday, November 25th, the time has finally come: “The Beatles: Get Back”, Peter Jackson’s documentary series about the “Get Back” sessions from 1969, is available for download on Disney +. All sorts of rumors and (half) truths are entwined around the studio recordings – the focus is mostly on the question of how divided the Fab Four were back then, who could be “to blame” for the upcoming breakup, and what influence Yoko Ono had on John Lennon could have had.

For his film, director Jackson spent 60 hours viewing previously unknown material. As he says, he came across several filmed moments that should change our view of the dynamics within the four musicians. He found it particularly fun to see the scene in which Paul McCartney ponders the effect Yoko Ono had on her future husband. In the studio, Lennon and Ono were performing joyful dances as the news of their finalized divorce came from their then-husband – it was now officially free for John. McCartney had the vision and joked, “This is going to be a really fun thing. In 50 years they will say: ‘The band broke up because Yoko was with them on the amplifier back then.’ “

For Peter Jackson, this scene provided an essential insight. “I was amazed when I first heard these words. Of course, the Beatles didn’t break up because of Yoko. If Paul still says in interviews today that it wasn’t her fault, people remain skeptical. “The” Get Back “film, on the other hand, provides evidence of how it really went:” There is nothing better than a contemporary voice. “