Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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When Oprah Winfrey is dreaming (and thinking) America

It was the media hype of the week across the Atlantic. At the tribune Golden Globes Sunday night , as she was looking for a reward for her entire career, host, actress and producer star Oprah Winfrey delivered a fiery speech in support of the movement #MeToo , these women who denounce sexual violence. Because this powerful deserves a “O” status. #GoldenGlobes pic.twitter.com/gLdcqutbSt – NBC (@nbc) January 8, 2018 ” A new day is on the horizon She concluded, her fist raised, to applause. While the Hollywood ceremonies turned into anti-trump tribunes For more than a year, it was enough for Oprah Winfrey to create a foolish hope: what if she was the next president of the United States? Throughout the week, the hypothesis of his candidacy was considered, debated, decried in the media of the country while the interested remained silent. The “buzz” made its way to the White House where Donald Trump was forced to comment: the president was convinced that Oprah would not be a candidate but that if it was case, he would beat her. From a small Mississippi city to Chicago To understand this excitement around Oprah, we must go back on its extraordinary history. Long before Hollywood TVs, Oprah Winfrey was born in a small Mississippi city. Her mother is still a teenager, not married and looking for work as a cleaning lady. Little Oprah will be raised first by her grandmother. A godly woman who quickly teaches her how to read but lives in such poverty that she will make clothes for the little girl from sacks of potatoes. At six, Oprah joins her mother in Wisconsin. Beginning several years of nightmare: Oprah will reveal being raped several times at the age of 9 by men around her mother. At 14, she gives birth to a stillborn baby boy. His mother then sends him to his father’s home, this time in Tennessee. This is where her speaking skills will come out. In high school and then at university, the girl is noticed and collaborates with a local radio. At 19, she becomes the first black presenter of a television newscast. The youngest too. Job postings to present morning shows will still make her travel: to Baltimore first, then to Chicago where she launched in 1984 the “AM Chicago”. A fortune of nearly $ 3 billion In a month, the talk show becomes the most watched of the United States. A year later, it is renamed the “Oprah Winfrey Show”. It’s the beginning of a monster success on American television. For twenty-five years, Oprah receives on her set the biggest stars of the country who confide in her and give her their secrets – and sometimes her own. The show, produced in 1988 by Harpo (Oprah’s own studios), boasts up to 40 million viewers. In parallel, the TV host also conquers the big screen: her first role in the cinema remains the best known, that of Sofia in the “Purple Color” by Steven Spielbierg, for which she will be nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes. The animator is also illustrated by its charitable commitments, especially in the southern United States and South Africa. When the talk show ends in 2011, Oprah launches with Discovery a cable channel, “OWN”. ” The first and only channel named and inspired by a single iconic leader “, Says the Oprah’s official biography . His current fortune, estimated at nearly $ 3 billion by Forbes, comes from two-thirds of his income at the head of the Oprah Winfrey Show. The balance comes from her shares in the Weight Watchers Diet Specialist, of which she is the ambassador , OWN and its real estate properties. Like Trump, his name is synonymous with success The story of Oprah Winfrey’s life brings together all the ingredients that made the success of the last occupants of the Oval Office. Like Barack Obama, she comes from the African-American community and left almost nothing. The former president and the star of the television share the same political opinions – Oprah was besides committed with the democratic candidate since 2008. In an editorial, the ” Wall Street Journal Points out that this would be the weakness of a Winfrey candidacy: She should convince voters that her presidency is not just a return to the Obama era “. The similarities with the current US president are even more glaring. Like Donald Trump, she did not pursue a career in politics. Like him, his name – his very name alone – is known to all Americans and associated with success and fortune. But unlike the president, she is very popular with the female electorate. A few months ago, the editorialist John Podhoretz of ” New York Post “Claimed that Oprah represented” the best hope of the Democrats ” because she is ” the reverse mirror of Trump »,« she, the generous aunt of America and him, the crazy uncle “. But for Frank Bruni, editorialist of the “New York Times” , the runaway around Oprah is less related to his commonalities with Donald Trump than to his differences with Hillary Clinton. ” Where Clinton lacks charisma, Oprah overflows “. “A lesson for the democrats” Beyond the chances of Oprah Winfrey settling one day in the White House, her hypothetical candidacy has especially plunged the editorialists in a painful introspection. ” She emphasizes how much trumpism – the reign of celebrity and audiences, the repudiation of experience and expertise – has infected our public life »Regrets columnist Thomas Williams in the columns of the New York Times . The same desperation is apparent in an editorial of the “Los Angeles Times” , soberly titled President Oprah? Have we not learned anything? “. ” We measure the trauma that the Trump election has inflicted on our country when people really believe that to dethrone a star president, we need another star “, Deplores the daily. At the end of the week, the name of the host had already disappeared headlines. But for Frank Bruni of the “New York Times”, the episode Oprah must at least represent ” a lesson for democrats : The future candidate of the party will have to be as brilliantly inspiring as Trump is sinisterly aggressive. This person will radiate empathy. She may not be Oprah. But she will have to be Oprah-esque “. Sophie Amsili

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