When returning from Spain, a test or quarantine will be mandatory, the ministry confirmed – ČT24 – Czech Television

From European countries, the Ministry also continues to assess Romania as risky. Immediately after returning from these countries, tourists must report by telephone to the regional hygienic station appropriate to their place of residence. They must then take a covid-19 test, which they will pay for themselves, and notify the hygienists of the result no later than 72 hours after their return. If they do not pass the test, a two-week quarantine awaits them. The measure applies to Czech citizens and foreigners.

When traveling from Croatia, people who took part in mass events there on holiday should, according to the recommendation of the Ministry, behave cautiously, avoid events with more people in the Czech Republic and keep a safe distance from others. They should monitor their health and, in case of symptoms, immediately contact their general practitioner by phone, the ministry advises.

According to the ministry, the rules for workers from high-risk countries will also be tightened from Monday, and 14 days after arriving in the Czech Republic, they must undergo a second test for covid-19. The ministry cites “relatively significant spread of the disease in these communities” as the reason for the change. They are not allowed to work without a test with a negative result.

At the same time, however, the ministry has been releasing applications for short-term work visas for Ukrainians since 24 August. Employers in the Czech Republic now have to provide testing for workers from five EU countries – Belgium, Malta, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Spain.

The list of safe countries is updated by the Ministry of Health every Friday. Based on it, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then updates the Traveler’s Map with the rules for trips abroad. During some of the last updates, the Ministry of Health pointed out a higher level of risk in some European countries; the current press release does not contain such a warning.


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