When you want you can say the saying. And Dr. Juan Pablo Poletti did it to the letter. He never gave up his profession because of his other passion; the rugby. Especially at the time of a medical student in Rosario, since with sacrifice and a lot of dedication he managed to receive himself and play a while longer.

Good person, very hard-working, very passionate, always ready to give a hand to those who need it without expecting anything in return. This combo has led him to be appointed director of the José María Cullen hospital, the most important hospital in the north-central province.

In rugby he was a youth player at La Salle Jobson, then went with his friends from 68/69 to Santa Fe Rugby Club. There he was a player, coach of several divisions, including the top team and the selected team of the Santafesina Rugby Union. He is currently coach of the SFRC M9; but he has fulfilled the function of leader in the Tricolor, and knew how to be in charge of hockey from the entity of Sauce VIejo. Much for a person, but that translates into something simple: passion for what he does.

The world does not stop coming out of amazement for what the situation generates for the coronavirus. On this matter, Dr. Juan Pablo Poletti maintained that “for six years I have had to be the director of the Cullen hospital, and This time, since the pandemic appeared, the ministry has decided that everything public and private that is Covid-19 positive, whether or not it has social work, will go to Cullen or Iturraspe for a health issue.

In a live instagram carried out with Santa Fe Rugby, he highlighted that “to that extent for more than a month, since March 6, we have been organizing in the hospital to deal with this. It is not easy because you have to build two hospitals in one. The Cullen has to deal with the polytrauma and all the pathologies that must be continued, without mixing it with the covid. We had to do an impressive logistics

We are waiting for the cases to appear, and for us in health it is good news that we have been without cases for several days in the city of Santa Fe. On the other hand, there is the difficulty of the population to be locked up for more than forty days, with online activities. No one can predict how long this will last, here health is at stake, we cannot put anyone at risk, and the key will be to endure quarantine and then lead a normal life“Juan Pablo Poletti pointed out.

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Dr. Poletti is the current director of Cullen Hospital.

UNO Santa Fe

The great passion for rugby

In professional medical activity and as a director, he is known as the doctor but in rugby he is none other than Mono Poletti, who referred to how the beginnings of Santa Fe Rugby were, about which he expressed that “when Santa Fe Rugby emerged We passed juveniles coming from La Salle with all my litter of friends that is still there. It occurred to me to think that with the few years that the club has, one sees that growth from when the opening act was made in the Irigoyen Freyre house, to our Sauce Viejo property, passing through the new one in the south of the city, more the Red Cross house which is another great investment. All product of the effort of many leaders, among them Patricio Favre who is now the president again “.

The Fiat was the first place that was rented to be able to play. We did local on that property and it also has a great feeling for us. It is a pride for everyone as friends, we emphasize how that group lasted fulfilling different functions. The club has a sense of belonging that is admirable, “said the former coach of the senior team of the Santafesina Rugby Union.

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His place in the world: the Santa Fe Rugby Club in Sauce Viejo.

His place in the world: the Santa Fe Rugby Club in Sauce Viejo.

UNO Santa Fe

More sensations

The current SFRC M9 coach highlighted that “the player stage was always the most beautiful, because the sport belongs to the players. When I got to first class it was difficult for me to get the position, I played for many years in reserve, the club had been champion and it was hard to get to first. Later when I became a doctor it became hard to continue playing, and after tour 94 I had to leave the profession. I stopped playing and became a collaborator as a coach, something I also really like

“Because of a fracture, I couldn’t play the first year while studying medicine, and the second year I managed to do it. I saved to be able to come on Thursdays and train on Fridays. So I was able to do for a year, I came studying the same, and in the race it went well for me. While you are in college, my old man told me, but then I had to stop playing“He told about the sacrifice he made to complement rugby and the tough medical career.

He added that “everything I learned in rugby I could take to the workplace. I could relate it to the letter I made on the subject of the pandemic. Rugby always left me many lessons. And that letter was a kind of harangue related to sport.

On that letter that had national significance, he said that “I noticed that there was fear of the coronavirus, it scared me of running out of personnel, it occurred to me to write it, and after that I tried to publish it anonymously. It leaked, I never thought it was going to go viral, but it was not something prepared. I put a lot of what the club gave me, and rugby in particular


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