when she buys a new phone, the seller asks for 5€ more… to slip the SIM card in!

Last week, when Vanessa (from Wanze) went to Krëfel to buy a new smartphone and the seller asked her for an extra €5 to transfer her SIM card to the new device, she was flabbergasted.

And as Vanessa is not the style to let things go, she turned on her heels and gave up buying her new smartphone (about 170 €) in this store. It was at Krëfel de Huy. “€5 to change a SIM card, who are we kidding? “, she fumes.

>> Vanessa recounts this misadventure.

>> Frédéric Berghmans, spokesperson for the Krëfel channel, reacts to this controversy.

>> Do I also have to pay for this service in other stores? We surveyed the competition.