When the Demographic Dividend Becomes a Mortgage | Blogs Never Mind the Markets

The Japanese government funds so-called matchmaking projects that use artificial intelligence. Thanks to this initiative, lonely hearts should find each other and provide for offspring as quickly as possible. Because the island state has a few things ahead of the rest of the world, but nowhere else is the population turning gray as quickly as in Japan. The shift in the age structure is worrying.

Today, 7.93 billion people live on earth, according to projections by the United Nations, by 2050 there will be almost 10 billion. But the population growth is very unequally distributed, with just nine countries responsible for the increase. None of them are in Europe, the USA will be the only industrialized country to contribute to growth.

Shades of Grey

In Europe, the population is shrinking and the proportion of pensioners will increase dramatically as baby boomers retire. Life expectancy is increasing while birth rates are falling in many places. The European Union assumes that in 2070 around 30% of Europeans will be aged 65 or over.