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When the mayor of Chartres refuses 2,000 jobs

Jean-Pierre Gorges proclaims loudly that he has rejected the offer of implementation of a logistics platform to not increase the precariousness and to preserve the social mix.



The cathedral of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), in February 2017.

The case is surprising, while employment is top of mind of local elected officials. It goes back to spring but has just been worn on the public square by Jean-Pierre Gorges, mayor without label of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir).

The former elected Republicans, who is also president of Chartres Métropole, revealed Wednesday, November 7, to an audience of business leaders he had rejected the offer of implementation of a logistics platform in the spring 2018. The name of the project sponsor was not disclosed. The offer in question, however, involved the creation of 2,000 jobs on a site of 20 hectares in a city where the unemployment rate reached 9%.

The group in question planned to settle on land located in the business area of ​​the Jardin d'Entreprises, north-east of Chartres, a short distance from access to the A 11 motorway, the RN 10 and a possible exit of the future A 154, whose commissioning could take place in 2022. The prefecture of Eure-et-Loir is at a road junction linking Normandy to the West and South West from France. This 85 kilometers from Paris.

"I want to stimulate endogenous development"

To justify his choice that may surprise in an agglomeration which many people will work in Paris, the elected referred to the nuisance caused by the circulation of 50 000 trucks per month, to the sociological balance of his city and to the fragility of the type of job creation envisaged.

"I would have said yes if I was looking for a shot, to say: look, I just created 2,000 jobs! I prefer to reason thinking about the demography and sociology of Chartres. I want to live in a city where there is a real social mix (…), and I want to stimulate endogenous development. In Chartres, we take care first of all of the companies that are in place and are developing », explained the mayor, assuring that the 2,000 creations of posts envisaged concerned "Unskilled, low-paid jobs working in 3×8. " And the apostle adds: "We have experienced this type of situation in the department. Dreux has benefited for a long time from important creations of this type of employment in the automobile, then by Philips. Today, businesses have all pulled out. And Dreux, who was in advance, is now living a job crisis. "

The mayor of Chartres believes that the workstations at stake were likely, in the medium term, to be rolled by automation. It is this perception of the economy and development he exposed on Wednesday to 450 business leaders gathered in the context of its exchanges with the business community. He was not afraid to say that if he had not been sure of this direction, he would not have made the decision to stand in the 2020 municipal elections to run for a fourth term. "It's a political choice. I think of Chartres in forty or fifty years! "

Dreux was ready to jump on the occasion

But what is not considered opportune in the land of Beauce may seem more attractive to the north of the department. Mayor LR of Dreux, in post since 1995, Gerard Hamel does not hide that he was ready to jump on the occasion when he became aware of the logistics platform project. "It was at a meal, six months ago, after explaining why he was not taking action, Jean-Pierre Gorges asked me if I was interested. I got closer to the services of the economic development committee of the region where I sit to put together a file. They already knew about this project. My team proposed a plot of 24 hectares. Our proposal has been transmitted, but not retained ", laments the city.

The unemployment rate is 13% in Dreux. Between 2008 and 2013, employment basins in both cities lost 16,000 jobs. They trade close to 7,000 commuters each day.

More than 13,000 residents of the Dreux employment zone will work daily in the employment zones of Paris and Yvelines. They are 25 000 to do the same from the region of Chartres. The story does not say what they think about the initiative of Mr. Gorges …


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