When the summer is hot, the bald men cool down with tanks

A At a deadly paceseries is sweeping the world for the ninth time. Indestructible like a virus, and vaccination, thank you, is not even necessary. Who wouldn’t want to see Vin Diesel blow up a mine, shoot a fighter jet with a tank, or stroke his little boy’s face? What matters is that the The Road Runner Show persecution scenes are small realistic psychodramas compared to this film? For the ninth part of a film series, it is no longer necessary to lament. Criticism.

The basic rule of the arts is that if you do the same thing long enough, sooner or later you will have an audience that will appreciate it. Vincent van Gogh in his career, unfortunately, this moment came only after his death, but Vin Diesel he did it in his lifetime.

Everyone said a hundred times, described that the At a deadly pace terrible primitiveness, one of the spectacular proofs of the intellectual bankruptcy of our civilization. For this we happen four, five, six, eight At a deadly paceafter the movie? The Guardian publishes an article that a Deadly pace 9 it will save cinemas that crash into the coronavirus.

The irony is that there is no irony: today, people, including those who flatter themselves by having intact brain cells left, can’t wait for the next opportunity to watch for two and a half hours a 54-year-old man kneaded into charcoal, cut to the neck, as he drives a tank to a fighter jet.

UIP-Duna Film

There was never a doubt that such films would always have enthusiastic viewers, but sometime around the third part, it was raised that all this would remain on the lower shelves of DVD theaters. But in the end, Vin Diesel would laugh if he could, because the DVD theaters have neither news nor ashes, but he’s still behind the wheel. One of the keys to success Justin Lin he was a director to whom we can also owe this episode. Under his direction, the series took the level ten years ago and moved from the foot-scented countryside of Piti car racing and the West Coast cocaine bar to the world of huge-budget sightseeing tours.

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Since then, every part has been structured the same way: our heroes travel to five or eight picturesque cities, where the cars of people like me are smashed into a ripple without damage intentions, while saving the world.

Returning characters are sometimes good, sometimes evil, and then they exchange. There are two exceptions who only play in the post of good guys: Vin Diesel, who never shakes, and Paul Walkerwho died in 2013, but a At a deadly pacein movies they still pretend that his character, Brian, is alive. In the new episode, he takes care of Diesel, aka Dom’s kids, until Dad blew up some mine in half the army.

UIP-Duna Film

A Deadly pace 9 its history is irrelevant. Returning to Diesel’s staff on the fly, the movie stars who join for a lot of money: Kurt Russell, Helen Mirren and Charlize Theronwho spends a significant portion of their playing time in a box. They recall that once long ago Gal Gadot also played in this series, which was honestly surprised, although I saw all the parts. Dwayne Johnson he didn’t realize it – he was shooting as an extra Hobbs and Shawhe fought in – but the creators made sure the team was not left without a wrecker. John Cena jumps in as the main evil, who is also the brother of Dom Toretto. The world is small, but the family is big.

That sentence doesn’t sound out in the movie, but it was certainly just accidentally omitted. THE Deadly pace 9 for, like its antecedents, it is a film of one-sentence, ocean-deep wisdom. The texts Friedrich Nietzsche That’s what Zarathustra saidThe authors, who are equally enthusiastic about existentialist philosophy, Dodge Charger and Latin hip-hop, put it on paper:

  • “I died so we could survive.”
  • “He who takes care is hurt.”
  • “You have to come to terms with the past who plans for the future.”
  • And of course the best: “I love being rich!”
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In fact, it hardly makes sense to treat it as a standalone film Deadly pace 9because the series has long been a moving image stream that only needs separate pieces out of necessity, we see otherwise cohesive and washable soap opera sequels. There was a time when it was still possible to separate the episodes. There’s the first and original, then the ghetto in which he died two years ago John Singleton directed by Tyrese Gibson and Chris „Ludacris” Bridges carefree, comfortable old age, for they are the At a more deadly pace since they appear in almost every part and the check is picked up. The third part was the Tokyo race, with unfamiliar faces, but one of them still invites the one who is just getting on it. Usually everyone gets it because their other work isn’t very much in Hollywood.

UIP-Duna Film

From now on, have a fan on your feet who can splurge out the individual parts. Surprisingly, it was here that the series turned into a gasoline-vapor, mindless film mass that the collective immune system of an international audience was no longer able to defend itself against.

A At a deadly pace became the new Mission: Impossible, a Mission: Impossible became the new James Bond, a James Bondand ot is only watched by old men.

In 2015, the series provided a cathartic moment: a Deadly pace 7 at the end of the 19th century, Paul Walker, who lost his life during filming, was said goodbye to Diesel’s character talking about the film’s Brian and the deceased actor at the same time. After the mourning break, the plant restarted and has been operating ever since, but we could not and will not see a similarly shocking scene.

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A Deadly pace 9 the weather report predicts 38 degrees for the day of its presentation. The film is two and a half hours long, the cinema goes air conditioned. Have fun!

Mortal rate 9 (F9), 2021, 145 min. 24h rating: 5.5 / 10