When the victim’s mother fainted hearing her child’s confession 15 times, Ustaz TPQ


Three male students were molested by their own ustaz at a TPQ in Sooko sub-district, Mojokerto. The victim’s confession made one of the parents faint.

The obscene ustaz is RD (40). The perpetrator molested three of his male students in the mode of helping the victims reach puberty.

“The victim’s mother fainted when she heard her son’s confession,” said Psychologist Women’s Crisis Center (WCC) Mojokerto R Dewi Novita Kurniawati to detikJatimSunday (26/6/2022).

The three teenage boys told everything they experienced when hypnotized by Dewi. According to Dewi, the 12-year-old victim admitted to being molested by Ustaz RD more than 25 times.

“The victim admitted that she was molested more than 25 times. She was always liked by her ustaz. The pretext of the perpetrator was that the victim had a good recitation, liked other students, there was a modus operandi of the perpetrator to make the victim come to the TPQ,” explained Dewi.

Likewise, the victim was a 15-year-old boy. According to Dewi, the 2nd grade junior high school student admitted that he was allegedly molested by Ustaz RD. The victim’s mother fainted from shock hearing her son’s confession.

“The method is the same. His confession has been almost 15 times since the victim was in elementary school,” he said.

Not only being molested, added Dewi, the victims also received pressure from the alleged perpetrators to remain silent. One of them, Ustaz RD allegedly threatened to expel the victims from TPQ if they dared to tell other people about their actions.

“He (Ustaz RD) indoctrinated the victims not to tell anyone so that they would not sin, because the ustaz argued that the obscenity was to teach the victims to reach puberty. The children feel it is a sin if they don’t obey the ustaz. Because their filters haven’t worked either,” he said.

The parents of the victims reported Ustaz RD to the Mojokerto Police on May 10, 2022. The police themselves stated that this obscenity case was at the investigation stage. However, the suspect has not yet been arrested.

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