When to see a doctor becomes a necessity when you feel very bloated


It is common to feel bloated these days, especially with the frequent eating of fast food outside the home, or it could be because of a medical condition that requires a visit to the doctor, but nonetheless can be the problem of bloating easily at home or through some medicines.

Puffiness can also be due to a minor problem such as food allergy or something that requires a doctor's visit to be associated with a disease such as cancer, and because the rate of chronic diseases has become higher, a person should be cautious and check for bloating, because signs associated with severe bloating can indicate a health threat to the long term.

Do not ignore the following symptoms according to "onlymyhealth" because they are associated with serious health problems.

Losing weight can be a sign of serious bloating

It can be one of the main signs of bloating that you need to look for.If you lose weight quickly without any change in your diet or routine, see your doctor.

Dropsy is another sign of bloating

Hydrocephalus is a condition that occurs when an abnormal amount of fluid is filled in the lower abdomen, which may cause bloating while the condition can be more serious than that, due to liver disease or cancer that quickly extends your waistline and makes you look bulky.


Bleeding in the stool or after menopause can be a symptom that can be dangerous because sometimes there is a risk of cancer.

Severe abdominal pain

Abdominal pain during menstrual periods may be accompanied by bloating, this is not serious, it may continue to occur in the first two days of menstruation and decline afterwards, but if abdominal pain and swell suddenly with vomiting and nausea, it may be a sign of intestinal obstruction need intervention Immediate medical in order to avoid complications.

Fever that accompanies bloating

When the fever is accompanied by bloating, it may be caused by inflammation of the body, especially if your blood tests show an increase in the number of white blood cells, there is an urgent need to treat the infection, especially if this infection settles somewhere around the urinary tract or intestines.



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