When will the elections be held?

President Arif Alvi through a letter has asked Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to hold elections and avoid contempt of court. The basis of his letter is that the government institutions did not cooperate in the conduct of the elections, due to which the responsibility of postponing the elections from the constitutional period may fall on Shahbaz Sharif as Prime Minister and he may be found guilty of contempt of court. This point in President Alvi’s letter can also be called a guideline for the judiciary otherwise when PTI went to the Supreme Court on the new date of elections with the claim that this move implements Article Six, President Alvi’s The threat of contempt of court reminds us that Yusuf Raza Gilani was also sent home from the Prime Minister’s House in the same way. On this occasion, Nawaz Sharif had supported Yusuf Raza Gilani’s visit to his house and today Imran Khan is available for this task, but perhaps this time the decision of the Supreme Court will not be accepted so easily.
The basic point to understand is that if the constitution says that any chief minister has the power to dissolve his assembly, it also says that the assemblies shall be elected for a term of five years. The constitution also says that when an ordinary officer spends even a single rupee, he will justify it. Now here the assemblies were dissolved by regular blackmailing of the two chief ministers and the expenses of billions of rupees for the elections which were to be spent on the completion of the period given in the constitution were first put on the national treasury. This is the failure of the PDM coalition and the government. That he could not bring Imran Khan and Parvez Elahi to the dock, in which these two gentlemen would have proved that both governments and assemblies had become impossible to run in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, so this expense was inevitable. It was not like that, but everything was as usual. The assemblies were dissolved with the intention that under pressure, the national and the remaining two provincial assemblies would also be dissolved before the end of the term, as the PTI believed that Imran Khan was at the peak of popularity at that time.
The question is that when the President of the State was writing a letter to uphold the Constitution, did he himself abide by the Constitution before that. He is a President who dissolved the Assembly at the behest of a Prime Minister who has I was not in the majority and he, through his loyal Deputy Speaker, had violated the constitutional period within which the no-confidence motion had to be counted, that is, he dissolved the representative assembly of the twenty-two million people of Pakistan at the behest of an unknown person. By issuing the order, he gave loyalty to the individual instead of the state and sabotaged the constitution. The decision of the Supreme Court on this clearly speaks of the article that he is talking about. Arif Alvi should also be questioned whether he is of the state. Instead, why are they protecting the interests of the group that is involved in attacks on national institutions? Which is bent on destroying all the institutions including Parliament, Judiciary, Election Commission and Army. Its workers have thrown petrol bombs on police and rangers who came to execute court orders. who conspired to break the IMF supply line to get the dollars the country needed like blood. which has hired a third lobbying firm in the US to campaign against Pakistan’s state institutions based on alleged threats to Imran Khan’s life.
The PTI and its honorable President are adamant that the elections cannot go beyond ninety days, but the interesting thing is that they present the same decision of the Supreme Court in favor of it, as a result of which the dates of April 30 and May 28 were initially fixed. It was decided. The question is whether these two dates fall within ninety days and the answer is no. If these dates are already delayed by one and a half months, then the delay becomes three or six months instead of one and a half, what does it matter? The question is also how the President of the country thought that the old political parties of this country will play political and electoral matches at this place and time which will be decided by Imran Khan. Imran Khan is surprised when he talks about the constitution. With the help of the establishment, the rally and popularity, protests and sit-ins, disqualifying and imprisoning the opponents, breaking the electables and shutting down the RTS, abducting the free winners and bringing them to Bani Gala and even imprisoning the women of the opposition. Was the delivery constitutional, not at all. If we talk about elections and politics, at this time Khansaheb’s supporters are openly admitting that he did stupid things by breaking the assemblies, Pervez Elahi’s advice was correct. PDM did not go to court to restore the assemblies, why should it go to restore their governments? It was replacing the partisan PTI with neutral caretaker governments. People like us have been advising Imran Khan not to do this, stay within the framework of the constitution and parliamentary democracy, but he has sworn that he will not listen to any reason or logic.
The constitution itself allows that there is no problem in doing the work that could not be done within the stipulated period after this period. will go. The point is also that when the Judiciary itself is not providing ROs, how can it ask other institutions to compulsorily provide their personnel such as the Army. The army says it is engaged in security operations. The constitutional question is also whether there will be new census and new constituencies in the National Assembly and the two provincial assemblies and on the old census in the two provinces, why? While the census is also taking place at this time. I understand that the Supreme Court will try its best to force the government to hold elections, but a timeline has been set. Just as the dates of April 10th and November 29th of last year were important in the political history of Pakistan, similarly the dates of September 6th and then September 16th of this year are important. There will be two major changes. The PTI will lose two centers of power within the system and thus this October will completely end the regime change operation that started with a rally in October 2011. The general elections will be held in October or after October and a lot will change in the twelve years.