When would the use of masks cease to be mandatory in Colombia? This said Minsalud

One of the most recurrent doubts of Colombians is when it will no longer be necessary to use the mask in public spaces, given the current advances in vaccination and the reduction in the numbers of the covid.

“We are not close,” said the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, in an interview with Blu Radio. “Until we manage to pass 70 percent of the vaccination, or get much higher, it will be very difficult. Look what is happening in other countries: re-implanting the use of masks. The truth is that this measure protects us to everybody”.

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However, voices such as Miyerlandi Torres, Cali Health Secretary, have opined that this element of self-care would no longer be necessary in open spaces in the first quarter of next year.

The most recent figures from the Ministry show that of the more than 50 million inhabitants, 29,613,437 have received the first dose, while 19,065,382 already have the complete scheme, cut off to November 21.