when would there be a solution for families

This initiative seeks to solve the problem of more than 120 thousand families that are harmed by the credit system created by the previous government

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03/05/2022 – 20,40hs

The National Congress has a highly political agenda for this week. One of the issues on which more focus was being placed was urgently dealing with the problem of UVA mortgage loans, and for which a special session requested by the opposition had been agreed for next Thursday.

However, this Tuesday it was agreed to form a work team to resolve the issue of UVA credits. In this context, a scheme was put together that includes 30 days to reach a solution.

Deputy Julio Cobos had presented a project to modify the conditions of UVA credits, not only with respect to those that are already in the banks’ portfolio, but also in the future, and they had asked to deal with it in a special session on Thursday.

According to sources from the radical bloc, the Mendoza legislator reached an agreement with the head of the Frente de Todos bloc, Germán Martínez, so that the Commissions deal for a month with the UVA projects, as is being done with Rentals. In short, in 30 days they hope to have some kind of consensus to go to the venue with the project.

How was this resolution reached?

Cobos said that contractual equity has been broken

Cobos said that contractual equity has been broken

Opposition lawmakers sought agree with the government a project that allows choosing another index of minor updateadd a insurance for the increase in quotasy suspend executions and evictions for one year.

The Government had given a partial solution to the indebted UVA with a decree that expires next July. This rule established a capped at 35% of family income for the collection of the fee by the banks.

If you beat that norm and is not extended, UVA credit takers would have to respond for 100% of their debt and, if they are late with the payment of 3 consecutive installments, their homes may be foreclosed by the banks without judgment of execution.

For this reason, a large group of radical deputies headed by Julio Cobos from Mendoza presented a project to “move forward with a law for UVA credits, which defines the conditions for future mortgage loans and establishes a renegotiation for current mortgage debtors; that is, solve the above but also provide a framework of certainty to reactivate the currently non-existent possibility of accessing credits,” he summarized.

The UVA mortgage loan can be renegotiated only once

The UVA mortgage loan can be renegotiated only once

The 7 keys of the project for the indebted UVA

The Cobos project proposes the renegotiation of contracts for mortgage loans for single dwellings granted in UVA according to the following guidelines:

1. The debtor may agree to the renegotiation of the contract by one time.

2. They will be able to choose change clause of updating UVA (adjustment for inflation), by another nominated in UVI (construction cost).

3. See executions suspended mortgages and evictions for UVA mortgage loans for single-family housing for the term of one year.

4. The maximum rate The interest rate of the current loans denominated in UVA and that remain with that adjustment clause will be 5%.

5. The mortgage loan must be calculated by crediting the funds and not when signing the contract, so that there is an update at that time.

6. Un safe for him phase shift of more than 10% in quotas, on the evolution of the CVS (salary variation coefficient).

7. It will be possible deduct up to 40% of interest of the UVA mortgage credits of the Tax on Profits

Cobos concluded that “a political force cannot alone solve the problem of the UVA mortgagees, but we must find a solution together. It is important to have the agreement of the Executive Power“.