Where are Barça’s values? (Toni Padilla)

When journalist Albert Llimós started investigating the social media case more than a year ago, he received a lot of criticism from social media accounts that questioned its independence. He was not the only one: they also received Ramon Besa and Francesc Garriga. For months, these profiles supported the directive, hiding in the excuse to defend Barça above all else. And, by the way, people who aspire to win the election in the future, such as Víctor Font and Joan Laporta, were criticized. Now all these profiles are gone. They were fakes, but it is unknown who gave the orders to act like this. A club that claims to have values ​​should investigate the case well. To establish responsibilities. One way to protect a club is to oversee it. Whoever hides behind a flag is always mistaken. Who hides behind a false identity for insult is disgusting.


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