Where are NBA legends and what do they look like: Shaquille lost 15 kg, Jordan smokes 6 cigars a day, Pippen released bourbon

They made people fall in love with basketball

Many of the “aliens” who made people fall in love with the NBA are no longer young. We are only four months away from Michael Jordan’s 60th anniversary. In March of this year, Shaquille O’Neal celebrated his 50th birthday. If you’re wondering what some of the legends of the Association do and what they look like, here are the answers.

Gary Payton

The Sonics legend keeps reminding basketball fans of himself. He can often be seen at his son’s games and coaches in the BIG3 league. Peyton’s career as a TV pundit didn’t work out because viewers didn’t like his language. Payton’s main mission now is to bring the team back to Seattle.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller became a commentator after his career ended and does very well in that role. At 57, he enjoys excellent health and is in very good physical shape. He recently became a member of the United States Cycling Federation Board of Directors.

Kevin McHale

After his retirement, McHale remained with the league as general manager and coach. After failing in both roles, he followed the lead of many of his colleagues and became a commentator and pundit.

Walt Fraser

Even at 77, the Knicks legend is full of energy. His position as a commentator allows him to remind himself with strong phrases, figurative language and the same extravagant costumes.

Clyde Drexler

At 60, Drexler still can’t lose. Some fans constantly complain about his bias in coverage of Rockets games, and he himself continues to have the same huge self-confidence from his active years, and often claims that he was no match for Jordan.

Allen Iverson

The rebellious guard overcame a difficult period of life at the end of his career – problems with alcohol, with the law, divorce and bankruptcy. Thanks to his lifetime contract with Reebok, he managed to get back on his feet and now the 47-year-old former basketball player runs a company that produces cannabis oil.

Patrick Ewing

The former Knicks center has struggled as a coach with mixed success. In early August, the Knicks legend turned 60.

Scotty Pippen

Pippen is a media hero who never fails to take out the dirty shirts of his colleagues from the past. He recently released his own bourbon and began promoting it heavily. And his “autobiography” turns out to be a “biography” of Michael Jordan, written on behalf of a teammate who had a negative attitude toward him.

Isaiah Thomas

Even after all the setbacks as a coach and manager, Isaiah stayed in basketball and was the president of the New York Liberty. When the club was sold, one of Michael Jordan’s biggest enemies focused on his television career and his business (he has a stake in the company that produces Cheurlin champagne). And also on how to convince the whole world that he is not as bad a person as he was portrayed in “The Last Dance”.

John Stockton

John Stockton went so far as to keep him out of games. At age 60, the former point guard has spearheaded an anti-vaxxer movement and claims that vaccinated athletes are dying all the time, though he wouldn’t name specific names.

David Robinson

David Robinson is mainly involved in charitable initiatives. His most famous project is the Carver Academy school for children from poor neighborhoods.

Charles Barkley

When he retired, Charles Barkley was criticized for putting on a lot of weight. But the fact that he eats well doesn’t change the fact that he does his job and is still the most sought-after basketball expert who entertains people with his participation in the Inside the NBA project.

Karl Malone

Malone, 59, is still in amazing shape, only now he uses it for hunting and fishing. He is almost not interested in basketball and does not like to appear in public places and events.

Kevin Garnett

Another TV pundit and commentator. In the past few years, Garnett starred in the movie “Uncut Gems” with Adam Sandler and published an autobiography.

Hakim Olaijuon

The Houston legend is approaching 60 and often appears on the air. He is among the mentors of many of the Association’s current stars.

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan briefly coached, but the San Antonio icon didn’t last long in the business. Recently, he has appeared less and less in basketball circles.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq has been plagued by health issues, but has recently taken matters into his own hands and managed to lose 15 pounds. Formally, the former center worked as an expert on Inside the NBA and had a stake in Sacramento. However, his true role is as a global ambassador and promoter of the NBA.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird is still a consultant for Indiana, although he hasn’t been spotted at official games in a long time. He was previously a coach and president of a small regional club. He doesn’t like to make noise around him and rarely appears in public.

Magic Johnson

Unlike Bird, Magic Johnson is all over the place. He stepped down as president of the Lakers in 2019 after a scandal but mended his relationship with the club. He runs serious businesses that bring him a solid profit.

Kareem Abdul Jabar

Jabbar, 75, has recently devoted himself to intellectual work – publishing books in various genres (from detective stories to monographs on African American history). Over the years, he has become one of the most influential figures in modern basketball.

Michael Jordan

Six cigars a day didn’t affect Jordan’s energy. His team Charlotte is not reaping the success it wants, but the richest athlete in the world always finds something to console himself with. The documentary series “The Last Dance” about the career of the Airman became an absolute hit worldwide.