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On September 17, just a few hours before Germany failed to challenge for the European Championship, the Lakers decided to sign Dennis Schröder, the German master who had no interest in this year’s NBA free market, and was finally confirmed two days after his 29th birthday. Continue your NBA career.

Interestingly, though, the signing of the Lakers and Schröder seems particularly ironic in the eyes of many people. After all, the signing amount this time is $2.64 million a year from the veteran’s base salary, but if you go back one year, the Lakers were at that time. Schröder, who was still playing in the team, offered a four-year 84 million contract extension, but was rejected by Schröder because he thought he was worthy of a contract worth over 100 million yuan. The two sides also failed because there was no consensus. In one year, the stance will have such a big reversal.

After all, what happened during the year? Will Schröder’s return this time help the Lakers? Here I will talk about the cause and effect of this story and share my own views.

Encounter, unexpected, but also reasonable

Before talking about the Lakers signing Schröder in 2021, let’s go back a little bit to 2020, when Schröder was still in the Oklahoma City Thunder and was selling Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony three After becoming a star, the Thunder decided to enter the reconstruction. Many people did not think that the record of this team would be very good, and even thought that it should be a team that was going to smash the top pick, but this team bucked the trend. , with a record of 44 wins and 28 losses, and reached the playoffs as a dark horse in the season shrunk due to the epidemic.

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“In every way, Schröder’s ability is definitely a starter.”
“However, in order to match the flexibility of the team’s scheduling, we need to put him on the bench.”

In this season, Schröder started from the bench and averaged 18.9 points of firepower per game, which also made him second in the sixth man of the year that year. At the time, Thunder coach Billy Donovan was also interviewed. Said that Schröder’s strength is completely the level of the starter.

“Yes, I have received invitations from many teams.”
“But I don’t want to go to the Lakers, the Clippers, I want to stay in the Thunder.”
“Because I like it more here.”

This performance made Schröder’s worth rise. At that time, he still had a one-year contract, and he also expressed his desire to stay in the Thunder, which was suitable for him, and was not willing to ask the team to trade him to the Lakers and Clippers in order to win the championship. , these teams are aiming to hit the championship.

However, the Thunder team, which is eager to rebuild, still chooses to trade Schröder. After all, although the 26-year-old Schröder proved himself to be a starting player, his talent and development seem to stop there, and there is no way to lead the team. A rebuilt “superstar,” so choosing to sell him for future assets when he’s trading at his highest value doesn’t sound surprising.

But in the end, Schröder was traded to the Lakers, and he also talked in an interview afterwards that he would come to this team that he didn’t want to come to because the agent had already negotiated with the Lakers executives before the transaction, and the team would give the team to the Lakers. The position he has always wanted to pursue is to start at point guard.

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Playing the price, miscalculating the situation?

“I’ve been on the bench for two years with the Thunder, and I feel like I’m ready for the next stage.”
“I think it’s more helpful for Anthony Davis and LeBron James to be the starter.”
“LeBron can no longer do so much by himself.”
“I’m here to share the work of the organization and let him focus more on scoring.”

As the saying goes, it’s easy to come by, since the Thunder was traded to the Lakers, then for Schröder, it’s the last year of the contract to play a performance that increases his value. In this regard, Schröder is very confident, because he will serve as the starting ball for the purple and gold army. After squatting on the Thunder bench, Schröder returned to the starting position again after two years.

Looking back now, Schröder’s performance in the Lakers was not too bad. He started all 61 games, handed in 15.4 points, 5.8 assists, and 1.1 interceptions. Especially this season, not only did Anthony Davis, whose attendance status has not been healthy, only played. After 36 games, even LeBron, the so-called biochemical man, was finally defeated by age and injury. He only played 45 games. The absence of the two main players also made the defending team falter this season.

However, Schröder’s scoring firepower helped the Lakers finally enter the playoffs as the tail end of the Western Division, and would not set the dilemma of winning the previous year and missing the playoffs the following year.

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