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There is a pink Statue of Liberty about three meters high on Kanonenplatz in Freiburg. Who put them there? And why is she there?

The very first map on which America was recorded was drawn by a man from Freiburg around 500 years ago. But that can’t possibly explain why a pink Statue of Liberty suddenly appeared on Freiburg’s Kanonenplatz. There has to be another explanation for that – right?

The TV report on the pink Statue of Liberty in Freiburg:

That’s why the pink Statue of Liberty is there

She is about three meters high, in her right hand a sign that reads “Freiburg what’s up?”. The pink statue towers over the city on one of the city’s most famous observation decks. “It doesn’t fit into the cityscape at all,” says a passer-by. “An eye-catcher” calls her another. The answer to the question of why is relatively easy to find. A plaque on the base of the Statue of Liberty reads:

“This is a sign against the club and culture dying out in Freiburg. Believe it or not, 38 clubs have had to close in Freiburg in the last 20 years. (…) The city of Freiburg and local residents are preventing a night culture landscape.”

Against club deaths in Freiburg

So the statue stands as a sign against club deaths in Freiburg. The real estate office could not say for sure whether the city of Freiburg approved it. But the city has already reacted to the club dying: “We know about the situation of the clubs in Freiburg and are in close contact with the key players in the subculture scene,” the city said in a written statement. In mid-November, a night culture officer, Kristina Mühlbach, will take up her new position for the first time. Their task is to strengthen the clubs, bars and the like and thus to maintain the existing nightlife.

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The complete radio report to listen to:

Who put up the Statue of Liberty?

The question remains: who put up the Statue of Liberty? This will probably remain unresolved for the time being. Possibly an anonymous artist collective. The usual suspect would be the community of interests (IG) subculture. She has been fighting in public against club deaths in Freiburg for a long time. “But we have nothing to do with it,” says Yvonne Möricke from IG Subkultur. But she knows who put up the statue. “But they want to remain anonymous.” It remains to be seen how long Freiburg’s pink Statue of Liberty will remain on Kanonenplatz.