Where is Hulk, the giant dog, Lionel Messi’s pet?

The recent team change Lionel Messi, from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), generated a radical change in the life of the athlete and his family. However, so far the player’s home is not complete in Paris, there is still Hulk.

That was the name that the athlete gave his pet, a dogo de bordeos, a giant dog breed that has lived with the Messi since 2016. According to Spanish media, the dog would still be in Barcelona.

The dog came into the life of ‘Lio’ in 2016, as a gift from his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo. Since then, the huge brown dog has starred in several family photos and videos published by the athlete and his spouse.

As it turned out, The Argentine star seeks a home in Bougival, an exclusive area on the outskirts of Paris that, in addition to having beautiful landscapes, has become the favorite area for athletes; there resides Neymar.

For now they are staying at an exclusive hotel a few meters from the Arc de Triomphe and Avenida Campos Elíseos. Hulk will join the Messi Family once they are settled in their new home.

Diario El Clarín, from Argentina, made a publication regarding Hulk. According to the newspaper, these dogs can cost between USD 80 mil y USD 120 milDepending on their blood heritage, they can also weigh up to 65 kilos.

The animal lives peacefully, without representing a danger to the three children of the player. “It does not present any problem when it comes to living with children, they are very tolerant and patient,” they told Clarín from Estancia La Nicolacanine kennel specialized in this breed.