Where is Thailand today?

The fans who have been waiting for help expected to see the governor Stacked motorcycles in a hurry and then follow the live broadcast to see every stage like a fire in a chicken farm

But yesterday, this scene disappeared, even though the governor went, but went like a normal human being. Swipe your finger I don’t see a live broadcast to show that I go like an avatar to be happy.

I can’t do anything even if I go. In addition to cluttering his work, he is true. But to stand and point Bo-Ki Ba and show the vision “Cow disappears around the stall” about the fire to reporters

That’s the picture “The governor” stuck in the mind – stuck in the eyes of 1 million and 3 hundred thousand fans of the cosmic era.

When Phichit Rattakul was the new Bangkok governor, he carried a mat-hugged pillow show. Go to sleep at the Bangkok City Hall.

A huge number of Zeedad fans can choose the governor when they’re in Bangkok, plus!

you too Chose Chatchart as governor, get “the strongest person in the country” to television channels help every day until they puke.

The governor is diligent to get up at 4 am and go to work. That job is run…run…run Live broadcast..Live broadcast..Live broadcast

The helper “lost the news” Chatchat is only one story. He did not report what time the governor “go to the toilet” and how many farts a day, when and when, smelly or smelly?

Where is Next Station?

when the governor Chatchat is like being struck by fire. I am terrified. There will be a 3rd and 4th case following, so I want to warn you.

Don’t be so quick “Get there before the fire”!

Bless my “Uncle Tu” better…..

Here’s a poll. The Para people have chosen “Ung Ing” as their number 1 prime minister.

As for “Uncle Tu”, dropped to the 4th place that people will choose to be the prime minister!

It’s good luck for Thai people. electoral democracy I invite you to choose as you like. Let the land slide.

polled like this Pheu Thai is like a water bottle. Want to debate overturning the Prime Minister Today and tomorrow again will have an election soon

“New powers – new prime minister”

Its smell kicked its nose like salted fish hung on a beam to lick its nose. Raised his neck, almost facing backwards.

“Dreaming” is the only thing that the drought fills the gap. “The life of a fool” who sleeps and wakes never sees his own “shadow”!

Nice, both father and son and the whole party!

western power empire “Europe-USA” enters the cold sunset era that is about to come. food is scarce No energy, no money.

and with the war of aggression that their own faction has been wreaking havoc Causing a state of “breaking bees”, homeless people, refugees, war refugees from many nations, languages, spreading throughout the EU.

Crimes that Europe and the United States have committed…….

is responding to oneself It is a problem that the world is not broken. but the chest itself will break While boycotting Russia he Instead of him dying, he himself died.

Just Russia turn off the gas valve…….

because I don’t study netherlands Not studying Boy Scouts and they despise “Following the Rich Man”

when there is no electricity They must therefore die. Because the fire can’t cook rice!

“Europe-USA” is in a state of “monkey fixing the net”!

and never existed in the history of the world monkeys that a monkey can untie its own net

Who is the person who casts the net now?

“Russia-China” who came through the time of the Eastern century to the sunrise era!

Think about it again, because evil is a “mitra-sath” to Thailand, malicious to the point of inciting, inciting, manipulating some Thai people. to overthrow the nation – to collapse the institution

“Whoever thinks badly against the nation of Thailand, that person must be devastated, devastated, and devastated.”

Have you seen each other’s eyes already? An eagle that flies high, hovers accurately, eats only things.

It is now becoming a vulture, unable to fly up, can only flap its wings to support the ground. Keep pecking and eating corpses, dead animals.

European colonialists The plunderer plunders the wealth – the resources of other nations for their own national wealth.

looted treasure ate it all but still delusion that it was great. Now, death by starvation from the fate that I have done is approaching.

The bastards of the Thai slaves were hired by the Western power empire under the mandate. “Jews-Zionists” to operate “Crash the nation – fall down the institution” to the “one power rule the world” plan.

Know it too……….

Brothers and sisters, they are being treated by “karma”. If you don’t float away, you are like floating. who is brave – energetic With the assertiveness that … Wait, America – Europe. My cousin came to help us.

It’s over!

Brothers and sisters, it’s hard to just save the country if you don’t defeat China-Russia, so there’s no such thing as “Cheesecake”, keeping the dogs barking like before.

Wan Tsuen (24 June ’16) You see!

Pole “new world power” in the sense of sunrise to the 21st century BRICS group led by 5 main nations

-China-India, the largest in Asia

-Russia is the largest in Europe

-South Africa, the largest in Africa

-Brazil, the largest in South America

he opened the meeting and invited General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand, to attend the BRICS Plus meeting.

18 countries that participated, in addition to the 5 nations leading the group There are also leaders of 13 other emerging and developing countries.

Algeria, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Malaysia and Thailand.

Prime Minister Prayut, as the host country of APEC this November, was honored to give a speech via video conferencing.

The BRICS group comprises more than half of the world’s population, with resources, food, technology, and energy.

Establishing a BRICS financial institution for borrowing for investment and development of member countries, in conjunction with the World Bank

trading business do not use dollars which is just a blank sheet of paper but will use the money backed by gold to trade directly

Speaking of gold, Thailand has the highest number of gold in ASEAN, 21st in the world with 224.16 tons.

Not bragging, but it’s real!

Talking here, I just want to see the “broad picture” of our country in the turbulent world society at this time.

To know that at this moment, with the leadership of General Prayut and the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Minister Don”

Where is our country positioned at the equilibrium point on the tip of the world needle?!

I know, then I’ll be relieved…..

about walking on the world stage “Peaceful movement” is the work that appears to speak for itself.

that’s the style of work “Walking on a wire” in the middle of the abyss of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs On the leadership of Minister Don

There is no pole where Thailand will not be friendly…….

The terrace of the Thai house has water, fish, rice and betel nut, ready to welcome you with sincerity. No matter what nationality, please come, all Thai friends.

Just ask, don’t be “our friends – burn the house”!

people at the end of the alley