Where is the beautiful? The history of the terrestrial globe

This didactic accessory has become a real essential decorative object of our interiors. We have known him since we were children and he still makes us dream today despite his age. We are of course talking about the terrestrial globe.

Through this ten-minute episode, you will learn more about the incredible revolution that the globe has brought about. This standardized representation of planet Earth testifies to thousands of years of research, great discoveries… Symbol of immensity, travel, reverie and above all humanity.

This 140e This episode is an opportunity to share the feelings of intense wonder experienced by astronauts such as Jean-François Clervoy (guest of episode 65) while discovering the Earth from space. It could have been quite different if our planet had been harmless. A bit like a mystery, it is quite the opposite that Man has discovered. Hélène Aguilar, founder of the podcast, shares with you the beauty of our planet.

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