Where is the excess weight gain during pregnancy?


  • On average, women gain between 11 and 16 kilograms.
  • Initially, weight gain enables pregnant women to cope with illness or starvation.

Pregnant, body positive ambassador Ely Killeuse describes in a long testimonial how her weight gain is viewed as systematically negative. Family, friends, medical staff… all of them make unpleasant remarks to her, in which any pregnant woman can find herself: “The question everyone asks you when you are pregnant is: how much did you take? “, she says. She also reports: “I went to a medical appointment a few days ago. I was in the nurses’ office. She said to me: we are going to weigh each other, an irritating subject. ”

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Pregnancy Weight ???????? The weight of a pregnant woman no longer belongs to her, it is at the heart of the subjects, at the heart of the posts that I see future mothers, object of discomfort, object of comparison also and of guilt … So I did a test in story, I asked you how many kilos did you think that I had taken, the answers go from 0 kilos to 18 kilos… Based on the same photos, my only body, but opposite, the answers vary according to each glance , each woman, each lived … I can just tell you that I am between 0 and 18kilos taken ???????????? Because to say the weight gained does not bring anything, each woman and each pregnancy are different and there is no point in comparing themselves ???? This experience shows that regardless of the weight taken, it does not indicate the silhouette you have or the perception of others, the proof, there is 18kilos of difference between your forecasts !! I know weight is a big topic when considering becoming a mom and when you do, especially when, like me, you are overweight from the start. Rest assured, your body is well made and it will take the necessary weight for you and baby, as long as your exams are good, that the baby is doing well and that you too, then it does not matter, it does not matter the weight of the scale, and especially regardless of the neighbor’s weight at the same number of weeks, it does not indicate the love and health of the 2 concerned ❤️ So pregnant or not, your weight does not define you, and if today I am obliged to weigh myself regularly for my pregnancy follow-up, all the work done upstream, allows me to take a step back and do not give a damn about this number and everything that surrounds it as long as Baby and I are doing well, the rest are n does not matter ???? #MumToBe # Pregnancy2020 #PregnancyWeight #Bodypositive

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Of course I’m scared ???? I was asked how I managed to live this pregnancy serenely after the previous one which did not succeed… I do not succeed, well not always, I am reassured by feeling the baby move, but if I wake up at night and that he does not move, I wait for him to put a blow to me again to sleep… When I fall on a post of a Mam’ange, I skip direct otherwise the anguish rises… In fact, I believe in the universe, that if we believe in it, if we talk about it a lot, we can trigger beautiful things, and get what we want ???? So inevitably, I never talk about my fears, except to Yoann lip service, because I don’t want it to become real, as long as I don’t verbalize, it doesn’t exist, that’s how I manage my anxieties, it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just my way of doing it ???????? Sometimes I tell myself that I will quickly want to have the baby in my arms and leave the maternity ward with him, as if to tell me that it’s good, he is there and he is fine, and sometimes I dream that I drop him, and I stress again… In fact I think that I will always stress for him, as I stress if Yoann takes a long time to come home, if I cannot reach him, I try not to make others feel it but this this is how I am, and I think miscarriage or not, I’ll react the same because it’s part of me… When I wrote my post on miscarriage to you, I did it because I thought to myself that That’ll do you good, but me this is the kind of post that worries me, already at the time, I preferred to read post of birth than of miscarriage because there too, everyone manages the pain in their own way? ??????? So I prefer to focus on all the signs that show that everything is fine, his beatings during the day and at night, watch him move while lifting my t-shirt, talk to him, ask him if he slept well and ate well ?? ?? Even while writing this post I am bound to end on a high note, like when watching a comedy after seeing a scary movie to think of something else ???? #MumToBe # Pregnancy2020

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Women gain between 11 and 16 kilos on average

However, weight gain during pregnancy is a natural and positive phenomenon. On average, women gain between 11 and 16 kilograms. Figures that must be adapted according to the morphologies of each. A very thin woman should aim for 18 kilos, while an obese expectant mother should limit herself to 9 kilos. Note also that weight gain depends on the metabolism of each. Some will gain 30 kilos while others will gain 5, because the calories are ingested differently.

“There is no French recommendation, but the authentic one is that of the Institute of Medicine (USA) in 2009 which recommends a weight gain of between 11 and 16 kilos for a woman of normal weight. More generally, it is said that the weight gain must be adapted to the weight prior to pregnancy, that is to say according to the BMI of the woman “, explains doctor Philippe Deruelle, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Weight gain helps pregnant women cope with illness or starvation

Initially, weight gain enables pregnant women to cope with illness or starvation. Other factors also push up the number on the scale: growth of the fetus, increase in the weight of the placenta, development of the umbilical cord, membranes and amniotic fluid, growth in maternal blood volume, breast and uterus or even water retention.

Be careful, however, not to gain more weight than that fixed by your doctor, because too much overweight can be dangerous for the mother and the baby. “Obese women are 3 times more likely than women with normal BMI to suffer from severe complications during pregnancy “, recalls gynecologist Geraldine Grauzam Rebot. We are talking here about gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, cesarean section or even phlebitis. For the baby, the mother’s overweight increases the risk of fetal macrosomia, prematurity, malformations or even obesity.


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