Where is the musical comedy project on 2,000 years of history in Chartres?

The project to create a musical on the history of Chartres, from its origins to the present day, is becoming more and more concrete. Friday, September 30, about forty people interested in this adventure took part in a first meeting to present the future show, in a hall of the canonical houses, at the foot of the cathedral.

Has the casting been started?

Patrick Gabriel Doussot, Marie-Hélène Brisson, Philippe Debaud and Nicolas Lhoste, the four initiators of the project, launched a call for volunteers last spring to form the troupe of amateur artists who will perform the show, without forgetting all the “little hands” who will bring their contribution, for the costumes among others.

premium Four Chartres are preparing a musical on the history of Chartres for 2,000 years

Patrick Gabriel Doussot, the president of the DSA Productions association, which carries the project, explains:

“We received around 50 responses. Casting has been launched. The show will be adapted according to the skills of the volunteers who want to get involved. There will be no one at the top of the poster. It will be the spectacle of a whole team. »

Patrick-Gabriel Doussot (president of the DSA Productions association)

How many scenes are planned?

During this meeting, Marie-Hélène Brisson, in charge of the staging, presented a five-minute video, which summarizes the main lines of the musical, entitled C’est Chartres, dit-elles!, and in which several characters, notably two Beauceronnes, will tell the story of the town.

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The show should last about two hours. It will revolve around twenty-two scenes and six paintings, over a period of 2,000 years, from the legends of Antiquity to the 21st century, including the Vikings, the 100-year war, the liberation of Chartres or again the arrival of the railway, etc.

“A project that mixes the human and the artistic”

Digital images projected onto the stage will serve as scenery. “It would have been too complicated to create twenty large sets. We won’t have a semi-trailer to move all the material! There won’t be any live musicians either,” says Marie-Hélène Brisson. “The idea is to create a popular musical that appeals to everyone. »

The music and the texts are being written. Patrick Gabriel Doussot assures him:

“The script is written. Some songs too. We are progressing gradually »

What is the schedule for this show and where will it be played?

For volunteers, the first workshops will start soon. “It’s a project that mixes the human and the artistic. We are embarking on a great adventure, ”enthuses Nicola Lhoste, cantor of Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral, who will coach the singers.

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Performance dates are not fixed. “If we are ready, it will be the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024”, estimates Philippe Debout, in charge of the historical account.

The show will be presented in Chartres, in a place which is not stopped, and should turn in the agglomeration, even beyond. “In terms of costumes, it will be magical to create. I can’t wait to get started,” says one participant, who already has lots of ideas in mind.

Helen Bonnet